What exactly is sociology? That, my friend, is an excellent question

Well, to be honest, I didn’t know what sociology was before I obtained this class, yet alone how to pronounce it. But as I continue my stay in this class, I obviously have to know what it means. Not to mention how to pronounce it correctly, unlike Nemo attempting to say sea anemone. Now that I think about it, the meaning of sociology was evident all along. Only if you take the time to think about it; the suffix -ology means the study of (that’s a given). So what does soci- mean? A couple of guess would be social, the Socs from The Outsiders, or society. The correct answer is society; the study of society.

I’ve never really paid attention to sociology, but now I realize that I have been looking at it along. When problems in society arise, and people talk about it, that is one example of sociology. Discussing the functions of society, or how multiple ones differentiate from each other, or even the problems of human organizations. Just that alone, I have done in spanish or biology classes. I suppose this is similar to math, it ties everything into it,  unknowingly. You can very well state that sociology is very important, it probably just isn’t getting enough credit that it deserves. I myself have never really heard about sociology beforehand.

To me, sociology means everything put together that makes humans human. You observe the past, study the present, ask yourself why to many things. Before I read chapter one of You May Ask Yourself, I thought sociology is just studying and studying. But after the first chapter alone, I see it differently, I see it as an opportunity to think, talk to yourself in your head over little things that you wouldn’t really accept as anything with meaning. Or as it says, you challenge and questions things that people normally take for granted. When I first read the given paradox, “A successful sociologist makes the familiar strange.” I was completely lost. With further reading I finally understood what they were saying. What most people take for granted, what they let pass the radar and don’t process, is what sociologists bend backwards over. Something so simple as to why I’m going to this college instead of any gets processed through analyzing and repeated questions. That is what makes it seems foreign, you begin to see all the little ties and paths that brought you to where you stand, but simply under looked before. Now instead of just focusing on me, but that same theory to an entire society. It’s interesting, mind boggling actually; so I’m actually looking forward to the challenges this class will bring.


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  1. sociologysong
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 12:40:34

    Great discussion, Tomiko. This was a very good discussion of what Sociology is. In the future, make sure to cite your sources. 🙂 5/5.4


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