Culture & media, right or wrong?

I ran into an article that was actually about an up coming movie, called Red Hook. I read the article and watched the trailer to see what it was about and the general assumtion about the movie is that it is about a culture clash between the elderly grandfather and his 21st century grandson. The grandfather is trying to get his grandson into Christianity, or as he says,”You need Jesus in your life, son.” In the trailer there is one scene where the grandfather is staring at the grandson messing around with an iPad. However, I went back to reading the article, and I found out that there is a lot more to this movie that just an age difference culture clash.

In the movie, class, gentrification, and God are a few things brought up, the second being one I had to Google a definition for, had me the most interested. It showed an issue of ideology, in terms of cause and effect. The general population in Brooklyn would be of African Americans, but due to gentrification, the lower class sometimes get pushed out of their community, as higher end people buy a house or store, and try to make it better, or improve it. Thus you have entirely new people coming in to a community and unintentionally start to change the culture. In the article it states the goods and bads of this situation,”more police presence, your garbage will be picked up on time, the schools will get miraculously better” – and its obvious downsides, namely the displacement of area residents”.

It left me wondering, revealing another side of the story, if the renovations were in fact all good. Yes, there are pros, but now I’m concerned as to the people that are getting kicked out. It feels like it is not right, then again it feels like there isn’t really a problem, people naturally come and go. Then it dawned on me, how persuasive the media can be, or how biased. It may show you only one side of the story, and not give you the other point of view.

“We live in a world of should not be; it should not be that radio, and that television, and those movies, define…” Clearly, Bishop Rouse, the grandfather, believes that media influences society. He believes that racism is being spread through the media, to where people develop a stereotype on African Americans and their culture, just because of what they heard on the radio, saw on T.V. or a movie. Much like the caption given to the African American wading through the waters of Katrina (Conley, 2008).

I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie, but sadly, I don’t think I would be able to drive all the way to Los Angeles just to watch it. But, at least I got to know about it and hear its’ story. It certainly brings up a lot of topics about culture.


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  1. sociologysong
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 12:41:56

    Interesting article and analysis, Miko! 5.4/5.4


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