Poverty & feminism

I found an article that tied in not only poverty, but hidden feminism as  well. It started off by talking about the past, when the narrator herself grew up with a girl. Right away her friend, Chrissie, gets eaten and swallowed by poverty. Chrissie couldn’t afford the small school fee so she ended up having a bunch of kids at an early age and is still struggling. As Chrissie stayed behind, the narrator became the second female president of Malawi.

Her family could afford the school fee so she continued her journey up, while her friend Chrissie stayed back, with a burden. So this would be a great addition to the Susan Mayer’s work as in her findings, poverty was associated with “..teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, and ultimately continued poverty as  an adult.”

Also, in order to strike down and fix poverty, the president knows that one key to ending poverty is to hit where it exists. But unlike Gautreaux v. Chicago Housing Authority one cannot simply just relocate into a better community. So she will try to do the best in fixing Malawi as a whole, “start small businesses and participate actively in society”, as she says.

But her primary goal focuses on women and children. She believes that they are key to ending poverty. She sees the health of women as one of the primary steps, if she reverses the poor access to reproductive health services, then she could help keep teenage girls in school, instead of them bearing children at 15 or 16. She wants to provide support and family planning education, which could help prevent young pregnancies, but also nurture the ones that are occurring so they won’t end up with hardships like Marlin had to deal with.

If she focuses on women and reproductive health and education, she can uplift her nation as one thing leads to another like a positive chain reaction, from providing resources and education to raise awareness that could help keep girls in school as they can move up as they continue their education and have children when they are better prepared. This way they can move forward in society and help the economy.




Pooch At VG

Pooch At VG


Nocturnal Night Owl

Sleep… I know sleep is good.

But I feel more alive at night.

I’d go asleep earlier if I could,

But I can’t, even if I try with all my might…

It’s frustrating at times,

Difficult to rearrange my clock.

Now I’m typing rhymes.

Seems to be a new epoch.

Racism in Texas legislation

With voting, Texas has always held racial discrimination. This goes back into the history of Texas and “their immigrant histories”, as Jennifer Lee (Conley) states. Now, majority of the population in Texas consists of the minority groups, Latinos, African Americans, and Asians. Conley even points out that Texas is one of the four states where whites are not the majority. So what could the problem be? A three-judge panel found that GOP members have been manipulating the district lines so they can weaken the power of the minorities. They have been helping bring power to white Republicans but take away from black Democrats, so that the voting power of the Latino community is basically useless. For example, a  city business center was removed from a district held by a black Democrat, and was moved to a district held by a white Republican.

Due to the population growing rapidly, the state was issued four more seats in the House of Representatives. However, 10 of the 32 representatives are minorities. “…Latinos and blacks were not likely to win even one more seat in Congress under the plan drawn by the Texas Legislature, the judges said.” There is a gap growing between the Latino voters and the Latino lawmakers, so the judges know that something has to be done. It’s a parallel to the wealth gap that is discussed in the book, because that has historic ties as well. It seems that the racism today is only due to racism in the past. People are continuing to discriminate which doesn’t allow any room for improvement, or a chance to break free from the old.

Now, Texas has a chance to redraw those lines, literally. If all goes well, Texas lawmakers will have to redraw the district lines more equally, and elect more minority legislators. This levels the playing field and gives the minorities a chance to govern.




Jonah playing the guitar

I believe that music is a beautiful thing and that it is universal. It helps people understand others by using sounds and rhythms. You don’t need to speak the same language to understand when something is suspenseful, or if someone is recovering from a heart break or something tragic. It brings people together, from concerts to just sharing you Ipod with a person next to you. You can bond by sharing similar tastes, or explore and share new music. It can also help you open your eyes to see other cultures. Or even just understand where one person is coming from.


The gay gene

I wanted to share my view on homosexuality, because I believe that most of the time, those who realize that they are gay, can’t really help it. Some parents can notice it since from when their kid is little. Some don’t realize it until they become teenagers. It really bothers me when I hear stories where the fathers of gay sons basically lose it, or force them to be straight, thinking that it is by choice, but sometimes it isn’t. Yes, some homosexuals choose to be gay. I have an older cousin who is a lesbian because she chose to be. She told me that she was tired of heart breaks from guys and had enough of them, so now she only chooses girls. I may not agree with it, but like prop 8, it’s not my decision, let them do what they will without others restricting peoples’ lives just because we feel it’s wrong. I grew up being a tomboy, but I wasn’t ever gay. Since I was little you could tell, I’d play sports with the guys, I would play with Bionicles instead of Barbies. No one ever influenced me, I didn’t have an older sibling, I just lived how I did. My little sister’s Nina has a grandson who I noticed was different. He would play with Barbies, he would be more sensitive, and was reserved at times. That’s when I realized, that some people are just born that way.

So when i read about David Reimer and how he went under sex reassignment surgery, it made me think about how some people have to hid that they are homosexual. Gender benders, I guess there really is “other” when you choose “male” or “female”, you might be both at one point!

An article I found talked about a new finding supporting the gay gene. They found that the mothers of gay men were basically better off in terms of reproduction and fertility. “Not only are the maternal relatives of gay men more attractive, more fertile and subject to fewer complications during pregnancy, the study also found these women are extroverts and generally happier. In other words, if you’re the mother of a gay man, you’re pretty awesome.” It it shown that there is something going on genetically involving homosexuals. I think it’s great because it might actually save some lives, help parents understand that it isn’t their kids’ “fault”.

It might be a little different than majority of society, but I don’t believe we should judge on it, or pass laws restricting their rights. We are all human, and people need to understand what being different, or an individual, means. In T.V. shows, I noticed media is trying to make a difference, the new family comedy shows, can’t recall off the top of my head, they have gay parents involved now.