Poverty & feminism

I found an article that tied in not only poverty, but hidden feminism as  well. It started off by talking about the past, when the narrator herself grew up with a girl. Right away her friend, Chrissie, gets eaten and swallowed by poverty. Chrissie couldn’t afford the small school fee so she ended up having a bunch of kids at an early age and is still struggling. As Chrissie stayed behind, the narrator became the second female president of Malawi.

Her family could afford the school fee so she continued her journey up, while her friend Chrissie stayed back, with a burden. So this would be a great addition to the Susan Mayer’s work as in her findings, poverty was associated with “..teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, and ultimately continued poverty as  an adult.”

Also, in order to strike down and fix poverty, the president knows that one key to ending poverty is to hit where it exists. But unlike Gautreaux v. Chicago Housing Authority one cannot simply just relocate into a better community. So she will try to do the best in fixing Malawi as a whole, “start small businesses and participate actively in society”, as she says.

But her primary goal focuses on women and children. She believes that they are key to ending poverty. She sees the health of women as one of the primary steps, if she reverses the poor access to reproductive health services, then she could help keep teenage girls in school, instead of them bearing children at 15 or 16. She wants to provide support and family planning education, which could help prevent young pregnancies, but also nurture the ones that are occurring so they won’t end up with hardships like Marlin had to deal with.

If she focuses on women and reproductive health and education, she can uplift her nation as one thing leads to another like a positive chain reaction, from providing resources and education to raise awareness that could help keep girls in school as they can move up as they continue their education and have children when they are better prepared. This way they can move forward in society and help the economy.




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  1. sociologysong
    Nov 17, 2012 @ 17:58:04

    Excellent choice of article and discussion. 5.4/5.4


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