Reflection Paper on Voting: Not the Hassle it Seems to be

         I always told myself that I wouldn’t vote. My father is the involved one of my parents, he always been. In education and government wise, my dad was active, he was a strong Democrat. I avoided politics because I think that it brings out the worst in people. I used to come home from my government class and tell my dad all the stuff that my Republican teacher would tell us; my dad would simply shake his head. Even my teacher, he was really easy going but when it came to politics he would be a jerk; he even said that anyone with Obama on their class ring wouldn’t be allowed into class (I hope he was messing around). I never wanted to choose a side because it would come with the stereotypes. I didn’t want to vote because I know that I would be bombarded with mail. My mom always stayed away from the voting because she would say that politics are stupid and knew people would bug her about voting. So I went under my mom’s shadow and strayed away from the “horrible” voting process.

            However, it wasn’t even as bad as it people make it sound. After I was offered an extra credit opportunity, I saw an ad online for “Rock the Vote”. The process was very simple, and short too. First it just asked for general things like my address, name, and email. Then it took me to another screen to finish my registration where it asked more detailed questions and the most trouble I had to go through was getting my driver’s license out. I requested the mail in voting so I could do it at home. But by the time I got my mail, the deadline to send it out passed. So I worried that I had to go to vote in person. Seeing the long lines on T.V. scared me, I didn’t want to be stuck in that, especially because Election Day was a busy day for me already. I get off of work at 1 then class at 2, and then I had my second job at 6, and needed a nap before then. I was thinking, where am I going to fit the time to stand in line? When I read the voting mail, I found out I could just drop of my mail at a designated spot, and there was one at city hall, which was down the street from my work and school! I was so relieved. And when I opened the papers I thought to myself, this is it? It wasn’t a hassle at all. In fact it was so simple I had to re-read the instructions to make sure I wasn’t skipping anything.

            I enjoyed it because I felt like I was making a difference. In the back of my mind was that voice saying I’m just one feeble person who isn’t going to make a difference in the system, but like in A Bug’s Life strength comes in numbers, so I knew I would be helping the cause, adding onto the accumulation of individuals. I felt responsible, exercising my right to vote, not being lazy and avoiding it; so I felt pretty good by the end of the day. When it came down to my choices I considered my family, or my father, what he has taught me and how I’ve been raised. So I am a Democrat, but as I told my dad before, we don’t have to fight, I think Republicans have some points sometimes and sometimes Democrats may not be always right about everything, so people should come together for the better, instead of always bickering at each other. Religion wasn’t involved since I’m not that religious, but I also kept education in mind, primarily why I voted was for prop 30 to pass. I wanted to do my part to help.


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  1. sociologysong
    Nov 17, 2012 @ 17:57:43

    Great job, Miko! 10 points of extra credit.


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