HI&CA: Lost…

So I don’t exactly recall the details of what went on when we first spoke to each other, but Jonah wasn’t hesitant to give me his number, and off the bat we got along with each other. Generally we would just talk about the differences between Hawaii and California, and of course, ourselves.

Funny thing is, whenever I asked for his address he would kind of be weirded out; I mean who wouldn’t be? But I wasn’t discouraged, it was always fun to talk to him. When I went on my trip to Florida, I would be the last one asleep, out of my coach and teammates. Even with the time change, it didn’t work on me, and guess who I would be up texting until the morning? Yup, that’s right, Hawaii boy; he would even have to tell me to go to sleep for my games the next day.

He was always caring, even if he never said much about himself. And he never judged. Sooo you can guess, I started getting feelings for him. When I would call him, I would have this huge dorky smile on my face, and I would giggle whenever I heard his accent come about. As I said earlier, I didn’t believe in long distance relationships, so I have no idea what I was thinking, but I couldn’t help it, because, in fact, I wasn’t thinking. I just told him one day that I liked him. His response back was that he didn’t believe in long distance relationships, and he was sorry. I just played it off, yeah, that’s cool bro. But on the bright side, he never stopped talking to me.

I really enjoyed it, but somewhere along the line we just gradually stopped talking to each other. No more texts from the 808.


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