Of my eighteen years, I’ve never had anyone to look up to. When I was in elementary school, and we would have to do some sort of activity about an idol, or a hero, I wouldn’t have any. I felt like I was the only one, I would have to make up someone, like Walt Disney (he draws well and spreads happiness) or Jim Carry (he makes people laugh… horrible idols).

I’m the oldest of my 5 other siblings, so I had no trail to follow, I was the experiment; I had no one to look up to, no example to live by. I couldn’t choose a parent as a hero or idol because then there would be arguments as why I have a favorite, and plus, I don’t want to end up like either one.

But I guess now, it’s safe to say that I have a hero. Someone who saved me, not literally speaking. I’m not talking about a dashing guy in tights, just someone as simple as a friend that stuck around. When I tell him or myself that I have he’s my hero, it really feels weird, almost foreign to my tongue. I’ve never said those words to anyone.

Being a hero doesn’t require super-abilities or a cape, although they do look pretty bad ass. All it took was for someone to stick around. Not say that they’ll always be there, just like every generic person says, but rather actually stay by your side no matter what. And I mean even if everyone you know is against you, even if society is against you (I hope I’m not encouraging riots or rebels to rise). Even when you are told to leave, and you still stay. Someone to lean on is all it takes to save one. Support, encouragement, loyalty, honesty,care. That’s what it took to save me.

So for anyone that is alone, or doesn’t have someone to count on or fall back on, don’t lose all hope. Because there is someone out there that will rescue you. Maybe not the best timing, of course, but along the road, you’ll bump into someone who is worthy enough to call your hero.