More Than My Skin

I can’t believe it’s only one more week until I get to meet some of the amazing people who’ve been contacting me since I started this project. Each of your stories are deeply personal and familiar to me. I know that they will be read and enjoyed by others going through their own journey. Feel free to share your own if you are so moved to be a part of this.

And so I’d like to introduce you to Jonah, from Maui. His girlfriend Tomiko had found my website and told me their story, which deserves a page of its own. Here’s what Jonah had to say:

“I’m from Kaupo, Maui, the countryside of Maui. My full name is Jonah Kaulanaokouinoaokalalani Baisa. I am 19 years old, but will be turning 20 this June.


 My vitiligo started when I was 5. The hardest thing that I had to face was to…

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